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Laser Electrolysis Hair Removal Experts

Laser Hair Removal Center, LLC. specializes in the treatment of Hypertrichosis (the abundance of unwanted hair).

LHRC utilizes the capabilities of State-of-the-art Laser and Professional Electrolysis to ensure a succeccful outcome for its clients. The center is under the direction of John Uhler, Certified Electrologist and Medical Director Nathan Trookman M.D., Colorado Springs Dermatology Clinic, Board Certified Dermatologist. The center offers a complete treatment plan to provide clients with permanent results in Colorado Springs, CO.

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LHRC Is Committed To You

Colorado Springs Laser Hair RemovalIf you are like the more than 80% of women and men, you have tried temporary hair removal methods and your hair problem is getting worse! You also think you’re the only person with “that much hair”. You feel weird, alone and uncomfortable talking about this personal and sensitive issue. You don’t know who to ask, where to go or who to trust! You want permanent hair removal but know very little about it and have lots of questions and fears.

LHRC Specializes In Permanent Hair Removal ONLY.

You will receive treatments with the most modern laser equipment available. Not all lasers are equally as effective and not all lasers provide permanent hair reduction.

Individualized Treatment Planning Is Also Important!

Different body chemistry, skin and hair types require personalized treatment planning to achieve permanent results. You will be advised as to the best method of permanent hair removal; laser, electrolysis or both to achieve permanent results.

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