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Electrolysis can be utilized on all skin and hair types. The process involves the utilization of electricity to effectively destroy the hair papilla and follicle. During a treatment session the electrologist will make a single insertion alongside the unwanted hair into the shaft. Electrolysis treats one hair at a time, which makes it a great tool for sculpting eyebrows or thinning out a hairline. Likewise, it is the perfect modality to finish up any white, red, or other hairs that may be left behind from laser hair removal treatments.

Electrolysis Frequently Asked Questions:

laser hair removal coloradoDoes it hurt?

Most people do not find electrolysis painful, however there is a sensation of a pinprick. Some areas are more sensitive than others, but generally, what is felt will not be any more painful than if you tweezed it. There are times when clients have fallen asleep during treatment.

Is it really permanent?

Electrolysis is also a permanent, safe method of removing hair. When the hair papilla and follicle have been treated properly and effectively, that hair will be gone forever.

How long will it take?

Hair grows in 3 distinct phases. They are anagen, catagen and telegen. Anagen is when the hair is active and growing; catagen is when the hair stops growing and begins a resting phase and telegen a shedding stage, is where the hair becomes dormant and not growing for a time. So it does take time to effectively treat each hair that is currently above the skin, and those not yet showing themselves. Next, skin type and location of hair must be considered. If you have thin, sensitive skin, electrolysis treatments must be done at a slower rate. Finally, regularity of treatments will save you money in the long run due to shorter overall time needed to remove all visible hair and those not yet visible. Even though it is difficult to give a definite time frame, you should see a definite reduction in the amount of hair after each treatment.

How much does it cost?

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The fee for electrolysis is $100.00 per treatment. Again, when considering cost, take into consideration the cost in dollars and time you will spend on temporary methods, which will continue forever. Now when looking at laser or electrolysis, consider you are taking a permanent step towards removing this unwanted hair forever. The advantage is permanency.


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